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Car Inspection Japan has started

Car Inspection Japan has started

Car Inspection Japan has started

I’ve stopped counting the days now to ease the frustration and pain. My consignee has claimed that it may take another 4-6 weeks for this process to smoothly happen. The car inspection has started in Japan!

According to my previous post when the car landed in the port, there were certain expectations, however some were not met, and here’s a recap:

  • Vancouver: Shipping from Vancouver to Kobe – PAID FOR in Vancouver
  • Vancouver: Container loading in Vancouver and all paperwork – PAID FOR in Vancouver
  • Kobe: Container unloading from the ship to land – PAID FOR in Vancouver
  • Kobe: Container was brought to some holding area – Thought I paid, but NOT PAID FOR
  • Kobe: Container was brought through an X-Ray machine and went through customs – Thought I paid, but NOT PAID FOR
  • Kobe: Container was moved to the secondary drop off location for unpacking/unloading – Thought I paid, but NOT PAID FOR

My previous post was explaining more of the logistical problems, and not the shipping issues for customs. So let me explain a little more in detail. 

Key Bits

  • Consignee Fees
  • Container Yard Fees
  • Forwarding Company (Customs Clearance Fees)
  • Kobe Customs Taxes

Consignee Fees: I was mentioning that most of the paperwork was in Japanese, and I just decided to get my consignee to subcontract a shipment forwarding company to prepare documents for customs clearing. I needed to pay my consignee to bring a flatbed truck to move my car. The fees were approximately 21000 yen.

Container Yard Fees: My shipping company from Vancouver failed to mention any fees upon arrival. Apparently all ports charge this. And I was stuck with a 88000 yen bill.

Fowarding Company Fees: They charged around 89000 yen in fees to prepare the documents. This also included the X-Ray charges, handling fees, moving fees, etc. I think there were a bunch of BS fees in there.

Kobe Customs Taxes: I had to pay 8% consumption tax based on a 1500000 yen vehicle. Cost was approximately 123000 yen.

Total fees to ONLY clear customs was approximately 321000 yen. This is approximately $2800USD.

Lesson Learned

  • Don’t ship with NYK  Line, Nippon Yusen Kaisha. They have higher port charges.
  • Make sure to ship using the CFS method
  • Clarify with your consignee that they can clear customs

Issues Still Outstanding

  • I was under the impression when moving to Japan that I was exempt from consumption tax since I’m moving my household. See my other customs declaration form post on this.



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