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Importing car to Japan checklist

Importing car to Japan checklist

Importing car to Japan checklist

This is my importing car to Japan checklist. Now that my car has cleared customs, it’s going to be making a bunch of trips to different locations on a flatbed truck, which I’ve hired my consignee to do for me.

Inspection Requirements

  • Acceleration Noise Examination – before shipping the car, I received 4 quotes from different companies to perform the following services. They varied in price from 180000 yen to 300000 yen. I believe that some car companies outsourced this service. They were transparent with this service. I don’t really know what the dB levels are supposed to be. But car is mostly stock. This sits at the facility for about 5-7 days.
    • Accelerating vehicle noise
    • Cruising vehicle noise
    • Stationary vehicle noise
  • Emissions Examination – this price ranged from 180000 yen to 480000 yen. Apparently some companies can use other similar car reports IF fully stock. Paperwork however needs to be converted to a different owner. To me changing ownership of the car is shady, so I avoided this. Also, why don’t they combine noise and exhaust?
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport – This fee was 180000 yen. Essentially they check car safety. Brakes, lights, headlights, etc.

I wasn’t able to find any site which had the actual charges from the government. I’d probably cry if I found the real fees, and not the inflated ones I’ve been given.

Total Inspection Fees

  • Car transport – to and from storage area to 3 inspection facilities – 50000 yen
  • Noise test – 100000 yen
  • Exhaust test – 217350 yen
  • Safety test (Ministry of Land) – 180000 yen
  • Fees for documents – 25000 yen
  • Misc parts – 10000 yen
  • 8% taxes on top of everything

Total fees for inspection is around 650000 yen.

Outstanding Items

  • Car Licenese/Insurance
  • Car parking registration

Lessons Learned

  • I’m not sure. I’m really numb from this situation.


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