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International driving permit Japan

International driving permit Japan

International driving permit Japan

International Driving Permit Japan

I found many documents on how to apply for international drivers licenses from other countries to use in Japan, but not the other way around. So I’ve tried to find help online for applying for an international drivers license in Japan to drive in other countries, and the best link I found was:


Here’s my own experience with a little more details.

Checklist of required items:

  • Your Passport
  • Your Japanese residency card
  • Your Japanese drivers license
  • Photo 5cm x 4cm
  • Hanko – not required but helpful to make things smoother
  • 2400 yen

You can do this at any drivers license center, or a police station that does licensing. Since I was traveling in a different area, and was driving home through another. I stopped at the Himeji police station.

Address: Japan, 〒670-0943 兵庫県姫路市 市之郷926−5

Application Process

Most important is probably the photo. Sometimes some police stations will have a photo booth, or some photo service close by. In the case of being in Himeji, it was located across the street outside of the mall. You’ll need to pay around 800 yen to have some photos taken in the 5cm x 4cm dimensions with mulitple copies. It’s good to keep spares around.

  1. Once you enter in the building, you’ll need to go to the licensing department. In this case it was floor 6 at the Himeji Police station. Station number 6, which is labelled “Kokugai Menkyo (国外免許)”.
  2. Fill out the form using the example they provide on the wall. Once you give them your passport, and residency card, he will verify the details, and send you along to the payment booth where you need to pay 2400 yen.
  3. Go to booth #2, and pay your 2400 yen.
  4. Head back to the original booth #6, he will start the finalize and print your new international driver permit, and put your photo and seal it.
  5. He will then ask you to confirm all the details, and then get you to stamp your hanko and that you’ve received the IDP.

Since I’m driving in Canada, he made the appropriate IDP for me. There are different IDPs for different regions.

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