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Japan Customs Automated Gates

Japan Customs Automated Gates

Japan Customs Automated Gates

Japan Customs Automated Gates

Since I couldn’t apply for the trusted travelers program, I applied to use the automatic gates instead. This was because I wasn’t eligible since I already have a re-entry permit. This makes it even easier to apply for the automatic gates.

Required Documents:

See the instructions on Operation of Automated gates.

Kansai Airport

The CIQ PR room is located on the International departure floor (4FL) at Kansai Airport outside of the immigration. This was easiest for me since I wasn’t sure of my schedule and was worried of getting trapped inside.

CIQ PR room kansai airport

It’s located closer towards the North Hall, by some stores.  On the Kansai Airport map, it’s number 27. They open at 8AM – 9PM.

You’ll save time by filling out the form and printing it up. You’ll need to give them your documents and you will be issued the special QR code sticker that’s affixed to your last few pages of your passport. It expires when your residents card expires. They’ll need to take a photo of you, and copy your fingerprints. But it’s fairly quick to issue this within 5 minutes.

With the automated gates, you will not receive any sticker/seals anymore. I’m not sure on the purpose of the stickers yet. The best thing about this program is that it’s free!

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