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Moving my ETC to another car

Moving my ETC to another car

Moving my ETC to another car

When moving to Japan, I needed a car to ease transportation and help with daily chores. I purchased a kei car. Yes…. That’s another story in itself. Anyhow, an ETC machine was installed on it, and when I sold the car, it was essentially worth nothing (which is another topic), so I stripped the ETC machine, hoping I can use it on my own imported car. Here’s some things I did when moving my ETC to another car.

New simple ETC devices can start at 5000 yen, but since I had some time and wanted to figure things out myself I uninstalled the hard wired version from my kei car. Since I wasn’t sure, I also purchased a cigarette lighter power adapter from a yahoo auction for 950 yen to power it in my new car.


nissan moco

In theory I could put the ETC machine on the new car, and start going nuts on the highway. There are some obvious benefits to this:

  • Quick and dirty, it will work
  • ETC charges will be charged at the “Kei” car pricing, which is around 30% less

But of course with some drawbacks

  • I’d need to spend time uninstalling and installing
  • I’d get charged fines
  • I’d get sent to jail
  • I’d get deported
  • All the above

So with the drawbacks outweighing the benefits, I’ll do the uninstall from the kei car to the regular sized car. I got a quote from Super Autobacs and they quoted:

  • Uninstall from kei car – 8000 yen
  • Install to new car – 12000 yen
  • ETC registration system – 2300 yen
  • I provide hardware

Being the car geek I am, I did the uninstall and install myself. A direct hard wire. However I did notice that the installation on the kei car was EXCELLENT. No corners cut.

So now, tomorrow I’ll go to Super Autobacs to apply for the registration, and I’m off to the races!

ETC machine

Comments (2)

  1. David
    Aug 22, 2019

    Hi I live in the united states and I would love to have this installed in my car just for the novelty. Can I just plug it into the cigarette lighter? I am not really prepared to do a more complex installation.

    • chris
      Jul 22, 2021

      Finally had time to go through my comments. Yes, you can simply put this in your cigarette lighter and it will power on and actually work. But obviously there will be no scanners for you to go through any tolls. These things go for under $50 used online.

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