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Important things I wish were available online

Japanese Spouse Visa

Before even stepping foot into Japan for a longer period than 90 days, you’ll need to plan accordingly. Since I knew I was moving, I started this process and here’s what I needed to apply for the Japanese spouse visa. Steps Apply for Certificate of Eligibility Apply for Spouse Visa List of Requirements Applicant Passport […]

Consulate General of Japan

Consulate General of Japan

Consulate General of Japan The hours of operation here are funky, so you’ll need to pay attention to them. Address: 1177 W Hastings St #900, Vancouver, BC V6E 2K9, Canada Phone 604-684-5868 Tuesday 9:30–11:30AM, 1–3:30PM Wednesday 9:30–11:30AM, 1–3:30PM Thursday 9:30–11:30AM, 1–3:30PM Friday 9:30–11:30AM, 1–3:30PM Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 9:30–11:30AM, 1–3:30PM   Japan Visa Application Since […]