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Typhoon Lan

Typhoon Lan

Typhoon Lan

As the tyhpoon approached at 9pm, I was searching madly for any kind of updates for Typhoon Lan. I mostly found complete garbage links about the typhoon. They all were summarized versions of complete useless information. All updated 6-8 days prior, nothing was up to date. Some articles updated themselves to be within the hour after, but no content was modified.

Articles all mentioned that it was heading towards Tokyo, but they failed to mention any other details about before Tokyo and after Tokyo. The articles didn’t even come from Japan itself. They all came from the UK, CNN, Reuters and other garbage spam sites. I couldn’t find any sites but the Hong Kong Conservatory live cyclone tracker:


I was smack in the middle of Kobe, and the winds here were crazy nuts.

Typhoon Lan Facts

  1. By the time it got to Tokyo, it was already slowing down
  2. The max crazy speed of 165KM/hr was when it was closest to Kansai

typhoon lan

Typhoon Lan was most ferocious in that pink phase, which is measured at 165KM/h. Our outdoor clothes dryer had to be tied down tightly and anchored as close to the wall as possible. Our bikes got blown away to another common area, our umbrellas got blown to 2 different floors.

Typhoon Lan was literally blowing our building as if were were in one of those automatic car washing machines, where the blower is directly hitting your car windows. Constant shaking!

Anyways, my car was all well, and nothing was lost.





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